Health Care Reform - What Employers Need to Know

As we move forward with the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act almost wholly intact, the “new norms” of health care financing and delivery will emerge. Employers that are preparing now for the next significant junctures of the reform act have the most viable opportunity to create successful strategies. In this session we will look at the organizational impact of health care reform from a financial and cultural perspective. A fundamental understanding of the employer shared responsibility penalties and how the reform act looks at employee populations will help you and your organization navigate to the post reform landscape while minimizing financial exposures and maintaining compliance. We will also discuss the recent comments from the IRS that have delayed enforcement of employer shared responsibility penalty assessments understanding what the IRS guidance changed and as important what it didn’t change. The financial and cultural impact of reform legislation can be a catalyst for organizational change. Engaging and managing populations may look different going forward. What will the employee experience of Health Care Reform look like?

Karen Vines

Karen’s 27 years experience in the Employee Benefits arena includes compliance, strategic planning, benefit analysis, plan design, self-funding, consumer-driven health plans, value-based benefits, and implementing health risk management strategies. Over the past 3 years, Karen has been a featured speaker on Health Care Reform to numerous audiences both regionally and nationally. She has become a go-to resource for publications such as Business Insurance and The Business Journals on this topic.